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About Us

Georgia's Premier Balloonery

Located in the heart of Atlanta, We are a luxury balloon delivery company serving the Metro Atlanta area! Why Luxury you ask? Because having a balloon installation is not always a priority but we're here to tell you it's a necessity! You also might be wondering what a Balloon Delivery company means we bring the balloons to you! 

Because we install your balloons on site, it's guaranteed to be fresh and perfect for your event! We're here to help!

Meet Tia

Meet Tia


Hello, I'm Tia and I own and operate ArchiDesigns Luxury Balloons Company! I'll be your first point of contact and the one who designs and installs your party balloons!

You may be wondering how does one become a balloon artist? Well I can't talk about the typical way but for me, it was a set of circumstance! I have always had a passion for design, whether its interior design, fashion design, and now event planning, but I did not adopt this hobby and now business until the pandemic (in fall of 2020). I kept receiving compliments on my event decorating and I pushed the encouragement further. Thus, ArchiDesigns Balloon Company was born!

It is and will always be my pleasure to work with you on your next party or event

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